Tips to Choose an Espresso Machine

With so many different types of espresso machines, you need to choose the best one for you. This is more than just considering your budget - although that is important. You need to think about your preference for the taste and think about how much work you want to do.

The Learning Curve

Piston-driven machines are often an affordable option but the learning curve is steep. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to create a tasty cup of espresso. However, if you want to keep the learning curve mild, a pump- or steam-driven option may be your better choice. When you consider pump-driven options, you really will need to keep an eye on your budget.

How Much Work Do You Want to Do?

Cheaper options will mean you need to do some work yourself. Most of the work is mild. You will need to grind the coffee beans and decide when to stop and start the process. If you want to do as little work as possible, then you will want to look at automatic or super-automatic pump-driven espresso machines. These are more expensive, though. The super-automatic options have a big price tag connected to them.

How Many Cups Are You Making?

If you like to make just one cup now and again, an air-pressure or steam-driven espresso machine could be an option. Both of these are designed for singular uses. The steam-driven will need to cool after use. These are great if you're making one for yourself first thing on a morning.

Those who like to drink a lot throughout the day will need to consider pump-driven options. These are also better for those who want to make cups for their friends. There is no need to wait for the system to cool before using again.

Drinking on the Go

Some people like to have espresso when they are out, without paying for it in a coffee shop. The air-pressure espresso machines are excellent for this. They're designed for good espresso while on the go. The downside is only one cup at a time can be made.

Think about your needs before you go looking for an espresso machine. Your budget, number of cups you want and the desired learning curve are all factors to consider to choose the perfect espresso machine for you.